Supporting Equality for Leaders

I think it is important to address equality issues in the workplace and we have to start to talk about equality among leaders, equality as peers, equality in different environment settings, without feeling threatened. Here are a few tips on how to do this effectively.

1/ MAKE YOUR ORGANISATION AS DIVERESE AS POSSIBLE: Do  your publications reflect diversity? What  does your team look like?  How have you recruited your staff?  If you say you are an organisation that supports equality and diversity then this should be reflected in your staff recruitment.

2/ TALK ABOUT EQUALITY ISSUES;IT IS NOT A SWEAR WORD.  In other word, do not pay lip service to the issues just because everyone else is talking about it, but actually decide from the top how are you are going to be more inclusive.  In other words, how many LGBTQI people do you work with? How many white people? How many  disabled? How many carers? How many people who have a hidden disability? As a leader you should  know or seek to find out.  Please do not ignore the issues black staff are facing especially during the time. Be genuine not fake.


3/NEVER BE AFRAID TO CHALLENGE:   I once had a leader who walked right pass me during lunch time in the corridors of an organisation.  I challenged her by calling her name and then bringing it to her attention explaining that being ignored was not appropriate.  I did it nicely but clearly. She never did that again.Equality sometimes looks like challenge.


4/BE WILLING TO LEARN ABOUT ALL CULTURES:  Just because you say you are not racisit because you have a black friend or are married to a partner of ethnicity this is not enough. Being open to all opinions and all cultrues is important.Ensuring equality in a diverse workforce is about  allowing everyone the opportunity to put forward their ideas and use their voice.   We all need to keep talking and keep listening about equality issues.

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